Sperm Supply

9 Sep

I have spoken to the Sperm Donor Coordinator in the clinic I have been referred to in Canberra. Not a great start. She sounds about 12 years of age and pretty much answered “I don’t know” to every question I asked. Brilliant! I informed her that I wasn’t just buying a pair shoes here and that this is not something I do every day so I would need her assistance at some point. Pleeeeaase!!!!!!!

Why Canberra, you ask? To broaden my choice and access to a variety of donor sperm, I was pretty much forced to go to Canberra.

I live in Sydney. I love this great city but I am certainly no fan of its government. The NSW Government in all their wisdom have recently passed an act which has put a strangle hold on what donor sperm can be used by NSW doctors.

I do know from my fertility specialist that this means that NSW doctors can not use sperm which may have been used by more than 5 different women worldwide, irrespective of whether they were successful or not. This in turn means they can’t take the chance with overseas sperm.

And Australians just don’t donate their sperm. Maybe because they don’t get paid, like the Americans, or maybe because they are scared to go on the register (http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/hospitals/phc/art.asp). Regardless, donor sperm in Sydney is now like liquid gold.

I know because I have tried to get donor sperm in NSW and it is difficult, rushed and didn’t suit me. I felt like I had to take what was there, rather than make a choice based on what felt right for me. And I was told I had to be quick about it before it went. Talk about pressure! As if this decision wasn’t big enough – take away my choice and crack the whip!

At the time of my enquiry, in Sydney, I was given 5 donors to choose from – all of which were fair and blonde apart from one. For reasons I will go into later, I had decided beforehand that I wanted to choose a donor with dark colouring. Less than 24 hours had passed when naturally, I expressed an interest in the only donor who was dark. This donor’s sperm had already been taken.

I fail to see how this new act serves a real purpose. I do find this kind of governance really irritating and will no doubt rant about it more. I would have much preferred the luxury of undergoing my IVF procedure in my home state. But I must move on, embrace Canberra and learn to be patient with my 12 year old Sperm Donor Coordinator (I know that I am being much too harsh here – she would have to be at least 18, surely).

One Response to “Sperm Supply”

  1. Deborah September 10, 2010 at 1:11 am #

    I love reading this each morning..it is so interesting and so brave of you to share your journey. Lots of love x x x

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