I’m trusting my intuition this time

27 Sep

I spent the last two years with an erratic menstrual cycle. Actually, I’m not sure you could call it a cycle at all. If I was lucky, I would get my period every 2 weeks but mostly I couldn’t count on any regularity. It just happened when it happened and I had no control over it.

I know the more stressed I would get about it the more I was inhibiting my healing. But it’s not so easy to remain calm and carry on when your hormones are peaking all over the place – so I forgive myself here.

Finally, through what I think was a combination of good alternative health advice, shiatsu and personal development I started having a normal full cycle. For the last 2 months I enjoyed what most women take for granted. YAY – a normal period! I love a normal menstrual cycle!! I never thought I would want to yell that from the roof tops. With this regularity I also felt terrific. The first time for – I can’t remember – I felt healthy and fighting fit.

Of course, I told my new fertility doctor in Canberra how my cycle used to be over the place but I also told him that it had stabilized. He suggested that I take the contraceptive pill anyhow, before I start the IVF treatment. He wanted to be guaranteed the regularity. So I took it.

7 days later and I felt terrible. Bloated, bad indigestion, constipated, really tired and generally uncomfortable in my body. I also started getting bad pimples. It all happened so soon. I am generally quite a healthy person. I eat well and am active so I think I am more in tune with my body than most people are. 

I felt like my body was screaming at me “this is not right”. I had worked so hard to get my body back to some regularity and I was pumping it with hormones again and confusing it. I know that doctors swear to how safe the contraceptive pill is – but this didn’t feel right for me. My doctor is on holiday at the moment. So, I am going to trust my intuition this time and stop taking it.

We have all heard of women’s intuition. Have you ever heard yourself say one thing in your head and end up doing another only to regret the decision later on? I have plenty experiences like that under my belt, especially in regards to my health.

I’ve had issues with my hormones for several years and every time I thought something didn’t feel right, I ignored it and simply trusted the doctors because I thought they knew best. Usually, I was worn out and desperate for help so I would have done anything they said.

Not this time though – this time I am going to go with my gut. Worse case scenario – I lose a month. Big deal!! I’m sick of all the pressure to hurry with this anyway.

So, why don’t we listen to and follow our intuition on a more regular basis?

I think it is because with intuition you don’t really know where you are getting the information from. It seems like magic. And our western society paints magic for fools.

But I don’t think it is magic at all. Most people see it reasonable to consider that there are four different levels of human experience – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Carl Jung, the noted psychologist, describes intuition as one of the four basic psychological functions, along with thinking, feeling, and sensation. This makes perfect sense to me.

The problem with talking about intuition stems from the fact that we have to rely on the verbal, logical, and conscious part of our brains to describe it – impossible.

So how do you know when you have it right? I suspect you won’t unless you give it a chance. The trick though is to remember that intuition is not a substitute for reason. Rather, it is the part of your intellect that allows you to see the whole picture.

I’m just going to go with it this time and I am sure I won’t be disappointed.  🙂

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