Father of IVF wins the Nobel prize and the Vatican is not happy

6 Oct

Thank you Dr Edwards and Dr Steptoe for giving women like me a choice.

Professor Robert Edwards began his pioneering work on IFV in the 1950s. (AFP)

Professor Robert Edwards - Father of IVF

Professor Robert Edwards has won the Nobel prize. Is he worthy? I believe so, yes. I appreciate having a choice where I may otherwise wouldn’t have. I suspect if you ask the families who have been given the gift of life through this outstanding technology, they too would say yes.

The Vatican however thinks differently.

Head of Pontifical Academy for Life (yes, that’s right “life”) is concerned about all those embryos sitting in freezers all over the world. He says,  “In the best cases they are transferred into a uterus, but most probably, they will end up abandoned or dead, for which the new Nobel prize winner is responsible.”

But what about the life that has come from this advancement in technology? I want to see this guys job description. “Life” features strongly in his job title! So what about the life!

Anyway, I think that the Vatican has other ethical concerns they should be focusing on at mo …




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