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We have a winner!

29 Nov

My sperm donor gives the following advice to the recipient (me) in his ‘donor essay’:

Always remember, we are not human beings going through a temporary spritual experience. We are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience. Just being aware of this will help you go far in life.

Know what you want to accomplish in life. You want your goals and objectives to center around what you enjoy doing in life. You want to enjoy this journey and love every minute of it.

His sperm arrives next week.

I still question this path every day. There is no doubt that I want to be a mother. And I am not scared of doing it alone. I think it is because I am finally ready to be in a relationship and I know this will put a freeze on that for a while.

P.S. I ordered the sperm last week but I didn’t feel compelled to write about it here. I know that people read the blog but no-one ever comments so… So if you read this and are going through something similar or have an opinion to share – please do.


I faced a childless life and came to peace with it

17 Nov

There was a moment there when I seriously thought that I wasn’t going to go through with this. This is great though. I faced a childless life and truly came to peace with it.

There are many advantages in being childless. More time, money and the freedom to be delightfully selfish to name a few. And childless women make the best aunts – many a fridge magnet is testament to this! Lots of women, lots of couples actually, are making the choice to not have children. Childless – so what! It could be a hell of a lot worse.

So that’s why I haven’t been blogging. I have been absorbed and coming to terms with a life without children being born through me. And I feel just fine with that. I am free from just holding on to that one desperate option.

This freedom  has created the space that I needed to make a decision to move forward with excitement about the journey. So that is what I do.

I purchase sperm tomorrow. Stay tuned.