So over Christmas already

14 Dec

I am so bloody tired. Deadlines, early morning meetings, after work functions, more deadlines! Anyone would think the sky is going to fall down on Christmas day. Everything needs to be bedded down “this side of Christmas” – if I hear that phrase one more time I will have to resist really hard not to stab the culprit with my pencil.

After the sky falls in on Christmas day, it’s a new approach to work for me. Lunch breaks will be had everyday and minimal overtime will be worked. I am back at work 10 Jan and look to be starting the cycle due the week after that. This means I will start taking the IVF drugs towards the end of the month. Thus, all sanity and calmness will be required.

I have vowed not to do Christmas this year (apart from a few small presents for the children in my family and volunteering to serve Christmas lunch with a local charity).

However, because I am ‘doing’ Christmas a little can I put a little Christmas wish out there:

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