Trigger Happy

2 Mar

The hCG trigger injection is one of the most critical parts of the IVF medication protocol. After the eggs have been stimulated to grow and develop, the hCG trigger is the final medication given before the egg retrieval.
The hCG trigger has several functions:

  • Induce final maturation of the eggs
  • Loosen the egg’s attachment from the follicle wall
  • Allow for the timing of the egg retrieval

Egg retrieval is performed at a very specific time. At IVF, retrieval happens as close as possible to 36 hours after the hCG trigger is given. So off to Canberra I go tomorrow 🙂

I am really really excited that I have three good follicles with another three maybes. This is a good result considering my levels when I first started out. I am so happy to have reached this stage of the journey relatively unscathed.

In celebration of this milestone I have recorded a video journal to introduce myself (in person finally) and to finish this post. I have been out with a couple of my closest friends tonight. It’s now 1:30 am and I feel elated by the fabulous conversation and thus brave enough to upload this video – or maybe I am just over tired and being stupid. Anyway…


One Response to “Trigger Happy”

  1. nursemyra March 19, 2011 at 4:32 am #

    lovely video Tash

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