And Rising

22 Mar

My  + Day 18 test was today and my hCG is 915. I am so excited! As my hCG levels are more than doubling every second day I don’t need to get another test until next week! Though I also I realise now that I quite liked the security of going in for regular tests but I feel good and really confident so…

Anyway, Ben (my doco making partner) thinks I should put up more video journals sooooo you can hear me waffle on excitedly about it all below. I apologise if I repeat myself and talk pointlessly for too long. Did I mention how excited I am?!

I promise to post some of my research on obstetricians and medicare etc in the coming days as the journey unfolds for me. Oh and I am pretty sure I mention it in the vid but if you get bored of my carry on and switch off before then – REMEMBER TO CHANGE YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE TO COVER PREGNANCY!

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