I’m Baaaaack!

17 Jul

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since my last post! Well, I certainly did embrace living each day as it came (see previous post) – so much so, that I find myself shocked at how long it’s actually been since I turned my attention to this blog.

After the miscarriage I had to wait for two to three cycles before I could start IVF again. I made a promise to myself that during this time I would remain open to what life presented to me. Life doesn’t cease to exist when you travel the road to solo motherhood. I am delighted to say that I fulfilled that promise and life presented me with a beautiful human being whom we shall call “Mr T” (no resemblance to the A Team member).

Mr T came into to my life with a procession of dancing girls, marching bands and fireworks to boot. Yes my friends, we are talking about the ‘drop to your knees’ kind of love. I know, I know, I can hear the gagging from across the time space continuum. But what can I say – I’m in lurve!! The kind of delicious romantic, intense love that I have only felt one other time in my life.

Yep the universe threw me a curve ball and I was happy to catch it. It is complicated – but that’s okay. Mr T has two children of his own who he loves to death. He also has an open mind and an open heart. He knows about my plans to knock myself up. It is a challenging situation for him because he totally gets why I am doing it but he also acknowledges that should I fall pregnant, it will be difficult to accept I am having someone else’s child. If I don’t proceed though, I may resent him further into our relationship and we are doomed then anyway. And so we both know I need to move forward and continue on this journey.

I have my donor sperm, I have paid for my next cycle and I have my first blood test this Tuesday.

I promise I will not abandon you again, my lovely blog. Expect regular updates and articles on topics of interest.


One Response to “I’m Baaaaack!”

  1. Sandra July 19, 2011 at 8:06 am #

    Nice to have you back!!! and in love. How sweet and beautiful. Looking forward to read your next step and the news of a BFP. Good luck with all your path journeys that life is taking you on

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