How to prepare Pregnyl

12 Aug

I found the instructions to preparing Pregnyl daunting and quite frankly sub-standard. I have discovered that many women I spoke to felt the same and had experienced the same confusion. There some really helpful tips that would be really useful to know before starting. Why on earth these are not mentioned by the fertility clinic is a mystery to me.

So here is a video that may help. I found once a friend shared some tips with me, it was a breeze. So what better way to pass it on 🙂 It’s a bit dull but hopefully useful.

Please note: I say in the video that the black dot on the bottles serve no purpose – the dot is to indicate that it should face toward you so you can snap the top off away from yourself. And even if you are sent a syringe with a longer needle, you may need to repeat the process as I did to mix all the contents of the solvent ampule into the Pregnyl. The luxury of the longer needle is to ensure you can drain the whole bottle easily.

IMPORTANT – I have made an updated video on how to prepare Pregnyl here. In this updated version I have the correct syringe used to mix the two vials.

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