The Countdown

11 Jun

Ovarian tonic. Check.

Raspberry leaves with withania tonic. Check.

Breathing specialist consulted. Check.

First blood test booked. Check.

My first blood test to see whether I have ovulated is tomorrow. It is then that I will know when to start taking the drugs.

In preparation for this cycle I have sought the expertise of two very clever ladies.

My very knowledgeable naturopath has me taking some really disgusting tasting tonics to prepare my body for this IVF cycle. But like many things that are good for you, it tastes like feet (not that I have tasted feet). So it’s feet for me morning and night!

I also had a consultation with a yoga instructor who specialises in breathing techniques. I found this so beneficial and interesting. You hear so many stories about people who have been trying to fall pregnant for years and when they stop trying – BAM – it happens.

Perhaps all the stress and tension involved in IVF treatment triggers the body in to flight and fight mode – not entirely conducive to the softness needed for pregnancy. So I am hoping that getting into a routine of practicing certain breathing techniques will assist me in remaining relaxed and open throughout this cycle.

I am told that the exhale is more important than the inhale in assisting relaxation – but more about this later.

Inhale – 1, 2, 3, 4

Exhale – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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