So Sad Synarel

24 Jun

I am on day 10 of Synarel. The last two cycles I breezed through the Synarel taking but not this time. Every cycle really does have the potential to be different.

Yesterday I cried so much that my face was raw from the continuous stream of tears which poured out of my eyes. Today is a little better, though that wouldn’t be hard as I don’t think it is possible to cry any more. It doesn’t take much for me to start welling up though.

To maintain a youthful complexion and save thy skin when bawling!

It is really difficult to stay focused on why I am going through all of this. I find that I easily get caught up in feeling sad which turns to my attention to all the stuff that is wrong rather than all the stuff that is right – and there is loads of stuff that is right.

Distraction is my best friend for now. So it’s books and box sets…

Blood test tomorrow which hopefully will indicate that it’s time to start the Puregon. Getting some hormones into me will be a huge relief. Bring on the injections. May they dry my eyes and produce lots of eggs.

Oh and my breasts are incredibly sore this time during the Synarel. I didn’t experience this before either. I suppose it’s just the universe keeping me on my toes. Message to universe: I live in a constant state of action and response, so ease up 😉


One Response to “So Sad Synarel”

  1. nursemyra July 15, 2012 at 7:55 am #

    I hope things go well, for you sweetie xx

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