Springing Back

1 Sep

So yes yes, I abandoned this blog for a while. Okay years! I haven’t however abandoned my wish to become a mother. As it is the first day of Spring: a time to clear out and breathe fresh life into all things, I reinstate this blog. I see I have continued to have visitors and hope my continuing to document my journey is, in some small way, helpful. I believe it will be for me, so thanks for reading.

So a very brief update:

I have changed fertility specialists. I should have done that years and years ago and feel this topic deserves an entire post of it’s own

I threw myself into work and became so busy that I literally burnt myself out (yep, avoidance)

I had a period of partying hard (yep, more avoidance and more burn out)

I got married to an exceptional man, whom I have mentioned in a previous post. We have undertaken a couple of IUI cycles together.

We moved back to my mountain abode.

Did I mention I got married?

I lost my fur baby, Paddy, who I still miss dearly.

We gained another fur baby, Dexter, who we adore and is largely benefiting from being a second fur child.

I am applying for foster care and looking into adoption.

I plan to do another IVF cycle and promise to document this one. Just waiting to hear about when we can start again. Hopefully this month. Stay tuned.

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