Bring on the Sun and Vitamin D

3 Sep

New guidelines for the vitamin D levels to maximise pregnancy and minimise miscarriage for women have been amended to 75 nmol/l following recent published studies.

A staggering 60 percent of Australian women are deficient of vitamin D in winter, according to experts. I am one of these women. If this is the case in the ‘sunburnt country’ one can only imagine what the figures are worldwide.

Exposing yourself to more sunshine is the obvious solution. My fertility specialist suggests spending 15 minutes in the sunlight without sunscreen, avoiding the heat of the day. And don’t be fooled into thinking that you can get this via a window because it’s not the same. Soaking up rays through a window may feel good on your skin, however the warmth that comes through is deceiving because vitamin D-producing UVB rays cannot pass through glass. So you’ll get absolutely no boost to your vitamin D levels if the sunlight passes through a window before hitting your skin.

I have been attempting to expose my legs to direct sunlight whilst doing some reading. They are lily white so I am also hoping to gain a gradual tan at the same time. Tanned legs and increased vitamin D – bingo!

Another way to boost vitamin D lays in the humble mushroom. However eating a normal mushroom just won’t do, but sit them out in the sun for an hour and they transform into a superfood! “Exposing mushrooms to UV light increases their vitamin D tenfold,” Professor Mason says.

100g on UV enhanced mushrooms (about three mushrooms) can provide 100 percent of of an adults daily requirement. You can even buy UV enhanced mushrooms for a small fortune. I’m opting for sunbathing mine.

Enjoy the rays and mushrooms. I may even post some mushroom recipes to get motivated.


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