31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Six ( My 5 Senses Right Now)

9 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

My 5 Senses Right Now

Sight: I’m sitting on my deck overlooking the Australian bush in all it’s glory. I am particularly taken by the angophoras (red gum trees) at the moment. They have shed their old bark revealing their new smooth salmon-pink bark which pops against the brown and green of the bush.

It must be happy hour because a party is going on with a variety of small birds in my garden: finches, blue wrens, yellow robins. I love my yard and the surrounding bush!

My dog is at my feet.

Sound: I can hear the water furiously traveling down the creek in the valley below. We’ve had a lot of rain recently and the creek is pumping.

Yellow robins are playing and rustling in the grapefruit tree and the sweet conversation of the small birds as they dance around the garden is so pleasing.

Touch: My dogs fur is inhabiting my entire right foot. It is slightly damp as he has just had a bath. With the entire deck to choose from, on a warm day, he chooses to lay on my foot.

Smell: The oatmeal shampoo I used on my dog is mixed with occasional wafts of burnt BBQ, which is not pleasing because I am a vegetarian. My husband really needs to give the BBQ a good clean.

Taste: Dark cocolate rocky road I made a few days ago. The tang of the cranberries with the salty peanuts are delicious. I wash it down with a milky english breakfast tea.

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