Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

9 Jan

Well, here I am, day two of the two-week wait. PUPO! (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!)

I’ve never really dreaded the two-week wait like some other ladies I have spoken to. I find it relatively easy to keep busy and two weeks just seems to fly by for me.

I started with the intention of doing an IVF cycle but five weeks later I only had one decent sized follicle. My specialist told me that recent research had indicated that women my age have just as much chance of falling pregnant with one follicle/egg through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) as with IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation).

With an IUI, sperm is collected, “washed” in a laboratory to concentrate the sperm and remove seminal fluid and then slowly injected via a catheter into the woman’s uterus.

IVF involves surgery to remove eggs from a woman’s ovaries that have been stimulated with drugs to produce multiple eggs. The eggs are then mixed with sperm in the laboratory and fertilization hopefully takes place.

With only one follicle, there is always the risk that an egg won’t be collected during the delicate procedure. And IVF costs a lot of money so considering this risk is important.

I’ve also recently read about some fertility clinics misrepresenting IUI success rates because it is more profitable for them to have their patients undergo IVF procedures. I do believe this is rare however, I have witnessed women going through IVF blindly trusting what their doctors say without asking questions. If there are dodgy doctors out there (and I’m not suggesting you should suspect your doctor), the infertility market would be an easy one to manipulate. I’m all for asking questions and being aware of options. You can read this article here.

Anyway, IUI it was. And of course,  I feel very positive about it!

Hubby’s sperm was washed and had a good sperm count. I had a relaxing morning laying back watching beautiful underwater images on a screen while said sperm was introduced to my uterus.


And now, I take it as easy as I can possibly manage. Because I am pregnant until proven otherwise.


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