31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Nine (Worst Habits)

14 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

Worst Habits

My worst habit by far is critical self talk. I catch myself giving myself a serve more often than I like to admit. I’m working on this with mindful meditation and identify it when it’s happening pretty quickly these days.

As they say: we are our own worst enemy. And that sure has been the case with me. I am determined to eliminate this habit from my repertoire this year.

Your mind believes

Another habit which could be considered bad by some (but not me) is that I wash my hands a lot! And by a lot, I mean A LOT! Not because I’m a germaphobe. It’s just a habit to do it after I touch food, cleaning products, pet food and pretty much anything 😐 I do also notice when others don’t wash their hands at all and that is a real turn off for me.


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