31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15 (An Average Day)

9 Feb

31 Day Blog Challenge

An Average Day

There is no average day for me. My week always has a mix of working from different offices or remotely so I don’t have a standard commute.

I also don’t have a routine in the morning, though I think I need one. Generally I wake up and walk downs stairs where I am greeted by a very excited chocolate labrador. I open the front door and tell him to go to the toilet. I usually have to stand on the front verandah while this happens otherwise, he stops mid-stream to race inside for his breakfast. I feed the excitable beast and that’s where the routine ends.


One very happy dog

I may spend a day in back-to-back meetings, writing reports, locked into my laptop editing a film, or multitasking housework whilst talking on the phone to staff.

The furry and feathered children always get fed and the dog gets a walk (location changes pretty everyday) or at the very least a big play session.

It seems that lately I always end the day with the television on. I would like to change this. And I tidy the kitchen. I love waking in the morning to a clean and tidy kitchen – perhaps this is my way of ensuring that I start the day anew.

It’s funny, I thought I was more habitual than I am. Interesting.

One Response to “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15 (An Average Day)”

  1. The EcoFeminist February 9, 2016 at 4:06 pm #

    hahaha that’s so funny with my dog too, it’s “go on! GO ON!” and I don’t move til she’s fully finished.

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