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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14 (Winning the Lottery)

3 Feb

31 Day Blog Challenge

If I Won The Lottery

I would use the money to overcome the tough and ridiculous Australian adoption laws. I would move to a country where there are children who need a caring family and live there with the child/ren until I was able to bring them back to Australia. This is a legal loop hole – If you live with a child you have adopted, in their country, for over 12 months after the adoption takes place then you can apply for a visa for that child to enter Australia.

Yep, that’s what I’d do.


31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13 (Earliest Memory)

18 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

My Earliest Memory

The pool at my nanna’s and granddad’s (Dan’s) apartments – Villa Royale! They lived in separate units. Nanna lived on the ground floor just in front of the pool area. And Dan lived on the first level. I think he liked to look over the verandah at what was going on and keep an eye on his beloved wife ,who he loved, but couldn’t stand to live with. She felt the same way about him.

I was swimming and a very early age and all I could think of was getting into that pool. I LOVED it! The tinkling sound of the metal latch at the gate would have me standing alert, ready to convince whoever was in there that “it would be fine if they watched me, my mum doesn’t mind even a little bit“.

I grew up in Perth where the sun shines pretty much all the time. I remember being chocolate brown all year round, with wet glistening skin smelling of chlorine. Chlorine was such a beautiful smell to me!

I can still hear the squealing of us kids running around the pool. This was back when running in the pool area and not wearing a hat nor sunscreen was an acceptable social norm.

We’d eat onion and tomato sandwiches on white bread with the crusts cut off. Sometimes we were treated to polony and tomato sauce sandwiches (I feel sick at that thought).

Ah the pool at Villa Royale!

I also remember driving everyone mad with my whining to go back in the water. I would lace my body around the metal bones of the fly screen and hang there suspended looking out at the silvery surface, moaning on repeat, “I want to go in the pooooool, pleeeeeeease”.


Miss Posey Pants ready for the pool

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Eight (My Handbag)

12 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

What’s In My Handbag?

Fortunately, I have recently cleaned out my handbag. I travel a lot so my handbag is usually packed.


  • iPhone (I never leave my phone at home because I love it! However, I want to work on that)
  • Wallet
  • Notebook (even though I have an iPhone I still like to write from time to time)
  • Earphones
  • Contact Lenses (I’m blind)
  • A book (work has wound down for me atm so if I decide to pull up in a park to read, so be it)
  • Positive affirmation card (I don’t usually have this in my bag. I’m focus on one per week atm)
  • Big Red chewing gum (it’s delicious)
  • Hand cream (in the hope that I will use it but I never do)
  • Lipstick (I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I love a nude lippy)


31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Seven (Pet Peeves)

11 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

Pet Peeves

I have two pet peeves:

  1. Lying – I don’t understand why anyone would choose to lie because the truth is always enough.
  2. Grammar Nazis – I really appreciate good grammar, don’t get me wrong, but there seems to be a trend of people on social media at the moment banging on about how they hate bad grammar. Is this is an attempt to prove to the world how clever they are? I get that it is not hard to get the basics right but when someone corrects someone else’s grammar on social media, I find it really annoying. I mean, they understand what they were saying so… And language is changing  so those people who are still trying to impress their grade five english teacher should just get over it 😉

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Four (What I’m afraid of)

8 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

What I’m Afraid Of

I find this question difficult to answer because I have put a lot of effort in to exposing my fears, facing them and dissolving their power. These days I make a conscious effort not to put my focus here or give any energy contemplating what I may be afraid of. Instead, I prefer to use my mind space to ponder what I am thankful for or what I would like to create for myself.

This may sound like a cop out. Of course I have fears. I just don’t want to pay any attention to them right now.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Three (My Fave Quote)

6 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

My Fave Quote

This is hard, hard, hard! I’m a sucker for a good quote so there are a few which I love. In terms of my favourite? I guess that changes depending on what my focus is at the time.

Today, I choose:

many of life's failures

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day Two (20 Facts)

5 Jan

31 Day Blog Challenge

20 Facts About Me

  1. I have been a vegetarian for over two decades. In fact, I started not wanting to eat meat very early in my life, as soon as I made the connection between the living breathing animal and the meat on my plate. I remember going on school camp at a farm; we were out feeding the baby lambs one day and then served lamb for dinner that night. I managed to convince most of the other kids in the mess hall to go on strike and not eat their dinner.
  2. I’m not into labels, even the label of vegetarian. I truly respect the choices of others. My only request is that people, where possible,  make educated and considered choices.
  3. I love spicy food. Almost to the point that I need to have chilli with every meal.
  4. I love animals and hope to one day have a hobby farm to home rescued animals.
  5. I drink more than 5 cups of tea per day. I gravitate toward warm beverages, even in Summer. My favourite is black tea with milk and sugar (milky of course).
  6. I have a tattoo of a white dove on my right hip. I got this in my early twenties. And yes, it was absolutely a tribute to my desire to see world peace. It needs to be redone as the white has worn off quite a bit.
  7. Binge watching TV series is one of my addictions.
  8. Buying boho clothing is another addiction.
  9. I adore Johnny Depp and believe we are meant to be together, we just haven’t crossed paths yet 😉
  10. I find myself smiling when I am gardening. It really does bring me tremendous joy to have my hands in the soil and to watch things grow.
  11. Camping also gives me great joy, but only at an unpowered site. I don’t consider powered sites to be actually camping.
  12. I don’t believe I know the answer to whether there is a God. I respect other’s views on God and enjoy listening to their beliefs. Mother Nature and energy is what I choose to worship.
  13. I love to read but don’t do it as often as I would like. I often buy books and stack them on my bedside table. I have five right now awaiting my attention.
  14. I used to be a Montessori teacher and loved it for seven years of my life. I studied education at university and when I discovered Montessori I changed over and never looked back.
  15. I moved out of home when I was 16 years old. I was a very mature young lady who was eager for independence. I now pride myself on my immaturity – go figure!
  16. I am known to be an intense person. I’m not exactly sure what this means though. Perhaps that the views I do have, I speak about passionately. I’m also not afraid of confrontation.
  17. I am very passionate about storytelling. My documentary filmmaking  has been a great way to share the personal stories of others – which I LOVE. I also enjoy repurposing this content for other mediums and hope to build a business around this.
  18. I have a knack for home decorating and my friends often ask for advice on such matters.
  19. I love the vibrancy of a city as much as I love being immersed in nature. It is the in-between of suburbia that I’m not interested in.
  20. I take my dog, Dexter, with me to most places that he will be accepted (and some places where he is not). I did the same with the other love of my life, Paddy the golden retriever.